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Deep Roots -Zimbabwean Drums Cd


Album Notes
After decades of drumming and teaching Shona music, Jona has put together a debut album on Zimbabwean music. This album features popular Shona drumming rhythms especially in the eastern part of Zimbabwe. The songs, Mbakumba, Mbira, Muroora are familiar in Masvingo, the eastern part of Zimbabwe. Jerimana is a genre of Ndebele war dance music found in the Southern part of Zimbabwe. Legend has it that, this music involved in the 1800s when a war broke between the Germans and Ndebele people. The Ndebele people dance to this music imitating the Germans' galloping horses during the legendary war. This album expands world music horizons to researchers, drum circle facilitators, Ethnomusicologists, musicologists, dancers, teachers, students and percussionists.

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