Team building drumming with Jona Masiya

 Performing Artist, Educator, Drummer, Facilitator.

Contact:  Jona Masiya


Have you wondered how to…

Get your employees work efficiently together?

Improve inter-departmental communication?

Break down barriers between employees?

Motivate staff to perform better?


Jona uses drums to motivate your staff to engage, focus, collaborate and create something together in 60-90 minutes. Jona’s programs are for people who think outside the box. In this competitive environment, businesses need to be creative to keep staff motivated and increase productivity.

Jona brings all the drums and required team building materials.

How it works

Session 1: Introductions, Ice breakers

In this introductory session, participants are welcomed to an environment where they are safe to express themselves without being judged. A win-win environment is set. Participants try fun ice breaking drumming exercises. Organization’s mission statement and goals are aligned to a common purpose of drumming.

Session 2:

Participants engage in interactive drumming. Jona will lead participants to create rhythms they have not experienced before. Participants will slowly move out of their comfort zone making music with peers. In this moment, participants mirror a common purpose of the organization, working together to create successful outcomes.  

Session 3: Team building activities

Participants engage in fun filled activities which challenge them to be creative, respect diversity, collaboration,  break barriers, challenges each other and taking individual and group responsibility. Team building activities encourage staff to communicate and be proud of working as a team.

Session: 4

 The closure is characterized by high energy drumming with various percussion instruments. Participants celebrate success in rhythm making together. Jona combines lessons learned from the beginning to help staff enjoy self-expression, team work and leadership.


About Jona

Jona Masiya holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education, Master of Music Education and Master of Science in Special Education. He is a distinguished teacher and player of the Djembe drum, Ngoma, Marimba and Nyunga Mbira. Jona taught World Music and led an African Ensemble at Shenandoah University. Currently, Jona is a Special education teacher at Grafton Integrated Health Network. In 2004 he recorded an Mbira album in Zimbabwe, his home country. He recorded a Zimbabwean drumming album in 2013. He has performed on numerous public concerts including First Night Winchester and DC Africa Fest. He is featured in the official visitor’s guide for Frederick County and Winchester City 2011-2012. Jona hosts an African drum circle at Dharma Yoga Studios in Winchester Virginia, the first Friday of every month. Jona grew up within a drumming family and likes to describe the drum as his favorite "toy". Currently, he directs his band known as Moto Moto Marimba band. Jona has engaged in motivational and interactive drumming with employees and students at various institutions including Shepherd University, Shenandoah University and Lord Fair Fax Community College.